Balance. Maybe the hardest thing to achieve. I like to think that I am living a cruelty free life. But the truth is that I am not. First of all, I am not 100% vegan. Yet. But this is what I’ve always said for like 2 years now. So… will I ever be? Sometimes I’m not so sure anymore. It feels impossible and I feel bad about it. But should I? Or should you?

Second of all, I am still wearing wool, leather and fast fashion items. I am buying stuff (over)packed in plastic, I am still buying plastic, I am still producing lots of trash, and I am still feeding my pets meat… πŸ‘€ We drive old cars which consume more, and pollutes more… We are not using public transportation to go to work, nor alternative options like riding a bike. We are taking the car evey single day everyf*ckingwhere. We are saving animals but not all of them, obviously. Yesterday I stepped on a snail and I accidentally killed it… We are not buying only local. We are not eating only seasonal stuff etc. So I guess that makes us horrible persons, right?

Idk. Maybe we are. Horrible persons, I mean. Maybe we should try harder. Maybe we should give up on some more things, maybe we should make more sacrifices. Or maybe we should just keep doing our bests. Try to be kinder to ourselves and to each other, and keep looking for a healthy balance even if it takes a lot of compromise to eventually find it.

Because things are not that simple sometimes. Not everything in life is black or white, and believe me, I would LOVE if it would be. πŸ™ˆ

But for example, did you know that lots of vegan cheese and other vegan stuff contains palm oil? And I’m not sure it isn’t much worse than eating the cottage cheese Erno’s mother makes from the milk they have bought from the countryside. Or did you know that buying faux leather, made of plastic of course, might not be the most eco friendly choice? Maybe wearing high quality vintage items even if made from wool or leather isn’t as bad as we tought. Maybe driving an old car is less polluting that the fabrication process of a new one and the recycling process of the old one which could have been functional for many many years. Saving only one soul may not change the global problem, but it will surely make a difference for that one particular living being. And maybe driving home instead of walking or riding a bike would save us the energy to save the pets we save or to recyle the trash we produced. Because you see, we are not robots and neither are you. We do need time for ourselves, and we do make mistakes. But intentions do matter. So don’t worry about how minuscul are the changes you managed to do, or how small the steps you took may seem. It all matters. And you should be proud.

This month I took some old clothes from my step grandmother’s wardrobe to the seamstress to give them a second chance instead of buying new items for the cold season. I glued up some broken stuff around the house instead of buying new ones. I never forgot my reusable shopping bag at home. Nothing extraordinary but I’m sure it’s not worthless either. What have you done? πŸ’«


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