Today is rainy, ugly, muddy and windy outside here in Cluj. Just horrible. Did I mention it’s also cold?

So today I stayed inside, ate leftovers from yesterday, and started to reorganize my photo archives. This is something I was planning to do for years, but also something I hate doing, so I was postponing it every single time. Surprisingly today was fine somehow. I found so many lovely memories, stories and pictures. Some of them worth to be shared and some of them worth to be remembered. Each time I found something valuable, it made me keep digging deeper and deeper. 🙈 Now I’m all nostalgic and exhausted but full of new plans, ideas and everything. Tomorrow I would like to continue, but I’m not sure I want to spend the whole weekend like this especially because I have tons of other things to do. 😬 Anyway, I wanted to take you back in time with me, so I’m sharing with you some of the pictures I’ve found today. Are you ready?

Sweet 90’s, here we come!


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