Instagram vs Reality #2

You probably know that there is a difference between the pictures you can see on social media and the reality which that frame was “taken out” from, otherwise you must be an alien or idk.

I’m usually trying to keep a healthy balance between these two things, but as healthy balances are always the hardest to find, sometimes I fail, or life just happens, or I meet people on the way who have no clue about what’s going on and that’s when things start to become funny. Really funny.

So, here’s the situation: on Saturday I had a shooting, at home, and I was hungry so we ordered pizza. Due to some technical problems, at some point everyone had to leave and I found myself home alone with the monsters, all dressed up, with a very confused pizza guy in front of my door.

He knocked and when I opened the door first he got surprised by the dogs. Where there is a dog, (or 3) there will most probably be barking when he knocks, therefor he can get prepared. But our dogs are not allowed to bark in the house when we are home, as we are the ones who decide who is allowed to enter and who’s not. Their job is to respect our decision and protect the territory and us when there is a real danger, not when there is pizza being delivered. 🀭 When the pizza guy got over the dog problem he looked at me, standing there all alone, wearing high heels casually on a random Saturday afternoon, and he asked: are you the one who ordered 3 big pizzas, ma’am? I answered: yes, that would be me. And I asked how much money I owed him. He was so shocked he couldn’t answer, he had to repeat the question: YOU ORDERED 3 BIG PIZZA MA’AM? πŸ‘€

First I got annoyed but after he left, I kinda realized that it was probably pretty strange to find someone at home, all fancy, alone with 3 dogs, ordering 3 big pizzas. I have no idea what he tought. Maybe that I’m eating for 3… Or maybe that I’m feeding my dogs pizza? Or that I have lots of hungry imaginary friends and I invited them for dinner. Either way, he must think there is something wrong with me, but it was just Instagram meating Reality. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

P.s. If someone was wondering why is Mango sitting in the pizza box, it’s because at the pizzeria they obviously don’t have cats so they couldn’t add the secret ingredient. But I am not willing to eat any pizza without some cat hair on it. It would be like Black forest cake without cherries on top. 🀭


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