Oradea is my new crush. I spent 2 weeks there as a teenager once and I wasn’t impressed at all. But Oradea has changed. A LOT. πŸ‘€ And it keeps changing. We saw lots of buildings under renovation and lots of buildings freshly renovated. The whole city looks awesome. No posters, no shitty solutions, no old buildings painted in different cheap colors, NO CARS IN THE CITY CENTER!!! It’s unbelievable how a city which looked so common like 15 years ago looks so much better then our hometown today. WTF Cluj, WTF? πŸ™„

While I’m really happy to see that this is possible, even in Romania, I’m also super pissed. Because if it is truly possible (and I just saw it with my own eyes), then we could also have a nice looking city, you know. But we don’t have and we will probably never have. I never liked Cluj, I know it’s a shocker. Everyone loves Cluj, right? Well I don’t and I kinda hate it more and more each day. Can’t wait to leave it behind. Hope it will be soon.

Today I also hope I’ll leave Cluj to move to Oradea. πŸ˜‚ But I know in a few months I’ll probably have another crush. 🀭 Anyway, until then I’ll visit this city as many times as I can, and you should too. It’s like a trip back in time, it’s clean, and beautiful, and very very dog friendly. People were smiling on our dogs on the streets, children were told “look how cute they are?” instead of “give me your hand, can’t you see the big dogs coming?”. We had lunch on a nice terrace near the river called Dock, dog friendly as well, of course. Not so many vegetarian and vegan options tough, but the food was really good. A 4 years old little girl have moved under our table to play with the boys. She even picked out all the little thistles from their fur. 🀭 Her parents were only worried that she is bothering us, so they came over to ask if that’s ok with us and with our dogs, but we assured them that it is absolutely alright, so they let her stay and it was ADORABLE. The funniest thing is that they have a dog and a cat called Fritzi and Chili Paprika. Almost like Frizz and Chili, right? Life if full of beautiful surprises. 🀍

Moskovits Palace was built between 1904-1905 in Art Nouveau style. You can read everything about it here.


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