August is the new February

In February we are celebrating Pesto’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, my mother’s birthday, my husband’s birthday and his mother’s birthday, to mention just a few. February is the month when we are heading from party to party, celebrating someone special each weekend.

This year August was just the same. In August we celebrate Mango’s birthday, Frizzante’s birthday, my stepfather’s birthday and more of our friends birthdays. In August we also celebrate the anniversary of Mascara’s adoption. (His birthday is in March, but we decided to celebrate him in August as this way I can make him watermelon cake, which is his absolute favorite).

There was a weekend this month when we were celebrating on Friday, on Saturday and on Sunday. Each day someone else so we couldn’t just skip a day. As an introvert normally a weekend like this would be alot. Too much. Tiring. Exhausting. Challenging. Annoying. A nightmare.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t. I’m a gemini after all. Sometimes an introvert sometimes well… not so much. 🀭

I’m wondering why do I have so many aquarius and leo people in my life, tho? πŸ‘€

L.e. Apparently because I’m so compatible with them. I googled it. LOL. Is there such a thing? As being compatible with a leo? πŸ˜‚ Just kidding. 🦁 Love you all! 🀍


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