See you soon!

This is the last day of our summer holiday in 2020, or is it?

I’m always quite depressed when our holidays are over. Last days by the sea always felt like shit. But this year I’m just super excited and we already started to plan our next trip. And I realized that not the saying goodbye made me sad before, but the fact that I won’t see the sea for at least another year. πŸ‘€ And that’s SAD af, indeed.

I don’t know what happened to me this year, but my mind has been suddenly opened. For example I realized there is absolutely no reason to come and say hi to the sea only once a year, especially if that’s so important to someone like it is to me. But this is what we were taught… We learned that summer holidays come only once a year, and that’s that. But what if I need more then one summer holiday a year? No one cares, right? Well I do. And you should too.

I will definitely have more then one summer holiday from now on, because no one can stop us living the life we want. Not me. Not anymore. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Goodbye Sea! See you soon! Sooner then ever! 🀍

On our last day we visited Lake Atanasovsko, the pink lake in Burgas, Bulgaria. Yeah, Bulgaria has it’s very own pink lake just like Mexico or Australia (those pretty awesome pink lakes you probably know from Instagram already), and the best part of it is that you can actually swim in it. Pretty cool, isn’t it? The water is stinky, but you can get used to the smell. It gets it’s pink color from the microscopic shrimp that live in the ultra super salty water. First I tought that it’s gross, but now I actually think that it is super cute. 🦐 They’re so tiny but they can color a whole lake pink. It honestly blew my mind. Just another perfect example of no matter how small, all living beings are f*cking awesome.

This lake is like a SPA, mostly for seniors. They are floating in the pink water for hours, covering themselves with mud afterwards. They have their own weird ritual, and they seemed pretty bothered by us taking pictures and having fun over there. 🀭 The mud has healing properties, they say. I don’t know about that for sure, but it is very pleasant. The water is nice and hot, (after you get used to it’s smell), and so salty you can’t sit down. It kept my bottom up each time I tried. πŸ˜‚ It’s pink color is like candy for your eyes and the mud might seem strange at the beginning but it actually feels really good on the skin. It’s quite an experience. This open air spa isn’t for free, but it only costs 2 leva/person. Make sure you have change tho, because you can only pay with coins. You can pay some extra for massage, but we skipped it. Me skipping massage? πŸ‘€ Well, yes. The problem was that regarding the global pandemic I wasn’t so sure it’s a good idea, we try to avoid contact with other people as much as we can. The other problem was that pets are unfortunately not allowed inside and the parking isn’t shaded. Thank god my brother’s nose is really sensitive, and when he smelled the lake he definitely refused to get in, so he could wait in the car with the dogs while we were enjoying the pink water. 🀭 You can wash off the smelly pink juice and the black yuck just across the street in the Black Sea. There is a little shower as well, but as I said we try to avoid exposing ourselves to the virus, so public toilets and showers are pretty much out of discussion. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Lake Atanasovsko is also a functioning salt factory, produsing 40000 tons of salt each year. 😢 This makes it the biggest salt producer in Bulgaria.

I’m sorry we didn’t have the time to visit it properly this time, the more I read about it the more I’d like to spend some more time here. There are otters living here, it creates a hospitable environment for migrant birds, and you can find like 200 species of plants here. πŸ‘€ Sounds like a spot I would definitely enjoy to explore in the future.

P.s Keep your jewelry out of the water, I didn’t know about the strange reactiction silver has with ultra super salty water, so there is a huge silver cleaning action coming soon. πŸ΄πŸ’


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