They say HOME is where your pets are, but home is also where you park it. And I couldn’t agree more. I f*cking LOVE camping. That feeling of safety & liberty is everything I have ever needed.

Krapets, Bulgaria, 2020

Our “home” isn’t really ours. But we kinda rented it several times this year and we feel like it is. 🀭 It’s an almost 40 years old Volkswagen T3 van. It’s name is Puzzle (yeah, we give names to cars) because he is made from god knows how many cars and pieces. It’s one of my brothers project cars. He transformed it into a camper by himself and he was the one who named it. It has a sink, a fridge, a tiny refrigerator electricity and you can transform the backseats into the worlds most comfortable bed. We also have a little portable gas stove and Erno added a “shower” recently (but I will tell you more about this in another article soon), so we have everything. Really. I would love if it would be higher so we can stand up straight in it. If we would have more storage space, of course. It wouldn’t be me if I would be completely satisfied for once, or if I would ever have enough storage space, 🀭 but otherwise there is really no need for anything else.

It has a huge hatch that gives you a view to the stars directly from your bed.

I don’t really like the color red, especially on cars. But Puzzle has the most beautiful deep red shade and I like how it goes with our strawberry sheets and some pink details. πŸ’ So girly. I mean… as girly as a van could ever be.

Once someone asked us where we got it from. Because it looks like Scooby-Doo’s car. πŸ˜‚ It doesn’t. πŸ˜‚ But that makes it even funnier.

Varna, Bulgaria, 2020

We like that it is pretty good off road as well. And it can take us to places others can’t reach so easily. Social distancing guaranteed.

So this is our home for this week. We are visiting the Bulgarian coast for the first time and I’m in love with it. 🌊 Not the cleanest not the fanciest. But beautiful and peaceful… Just perfect for wild camping, for dogs, and for introverts like me. 🀍


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