There are some things I’m pretty good at and things I really suck at doing. And there is one thing I’m the best at and that’s packing.

I love packing. I’d love to pack my whole life in a few boxes. I’m always impressed of how much stuff we own, yet how irrelevant they seem when packed, and how easily and quickly you can pack everything together. I spent the last few days packing. I know most people hate to move, but for me moving is probably the best part of a new apartment. But no, we are not moving anywhere (yet). 🀭

I packed just half of our lives this time, to fit it all in the van and spend one whole week by the sea. Yep we are on VACATION.

Do you know the cars on the road which are so fully packed that you can’t see trough them? Windows and passengers all coverd in luggages? πŸ˜‚ That’s my nightmare. It never happened and it will never happen to us. Ever.

I’m so good I can even “pack” 3 dogs and no one would ever guess they are in the car. It actually looks like we are traveling with only one baby seal, no luggage and no other pets, even tho we have everything we need for 7 days, and maybe even more then that. 🀭 A girl gotta have 7 pairs of shoes with her everywhere she goes, right?

This morning Erno asked me while packing “seriously, 4 sunglasses?” and I just said “count again” (there were actually 6), “and wait until you find out how many shoes I’ve already packed”, I taught. 🀫


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