Agrimonia Procera

Here’s a secret. Even people obsessed with botany, who love nature and plants and flowers and own and grow lots and lots of them can HATE a flower. Yes it’s true. I’m confessing that I f*cking hate Agrimonia proceras. You are probably wondering why, so let me tell you.

In fact, I’d rather show you.

That’s why.

So Agrimonia procera is a perennial herbaceous flowering plant, commonly known as fragrant agrimony. It can grow about 1,5-2 m tall. It has five petaled tiny yellow flowers, and pinnate leaves. My problem isn’t with the flowers, or the leaves. It isn’t about how it looks or how it smells. My problem is with it’s fruit. Fruits are covered with hooked hairs.

And they stick to anything. My shoes get full of them, my clothes get full of them, my hair gets full of them, my home gets full of them and my dogs… OMG. They are absolutely covered in these tiny little assholes twice a day. Each day every day starting from August until December or so. Removing them is pretty hard because there is no tool you can use. Of course it depends on your dog’s coat type. But for mine nothing works and I have to pick them out one by one. πŸ‘€ Imagine picking out 53789 sticky shit from your dogs fur which took you like 10 minutes, you’re already late from work and you still have 764789 to go, and 2 more dogs. If you tought that life with 5 pets plus (currently) 3 fosters might be boring, now you know it’s not. πŸ˜‚


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