Stupid dog behavior & the most efficient stain remover

Last week, after a really long day at work I took the dogs out immediately when I arrived home. I was in such a hurry thanks to baby Riso, because with him every second matters. Sometimes he is peeing just in front of the door, or in the hallway if you’re not fast enough, so yeah… I usually change my clothes before walking the monsters, but that night I considered it’s more important to avoid all kinds of accidents and I took them out in my favorite baby pink vintage jeans.

You don’t wanna know how they looked when I arrived home.

People, WTF. You really need to train your dogs for god’s sake. I mean… most of the dogs I met during that walk jumped on me, and owners act like that’s super normal. “He’s a dog he’s gonna jump, what’s wrong with it?” It is WRONG!!! It’s terribly wrong. It’s the first sign your dog is out of control… Then, one of the dogs felt like it’s ok to growl on Pesto while he was cuddled by someone. What? I guess he got jealous, but WHY? Since when is it normal that a dog gets jealous on another dog who is cuddled by a total stranger? OMG. I became very intolerant regarding stupid dog behavior lately. Since I put alot of effort in to training my dogs I would expect others to do the same. Anyhow. It looks like Pesto feels the same way. When the other dog was growling on him he got really pissed and he wanted to chase him away. Unfortunately they knocked Riso over, he got scared and he wanted to run away. In order to catch him I had to kneel on the grass. Luckily I managed to pick him up, but he was terrified, and he pooped on me. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I was already in grief on my way back home, I really tought that I will have to throw my pants away… Grass stain on my baby pink jeans… πŸ‘€

I couldn’t believe my eyes when this stain remover made the stains disappear almost immediately. When I ordered this product form Naturalness I wasn’t even sure it’s for clothes. πŸ˜‚ It didn’t matter because in our home stains can be anywhere. 🀭 To be honest I’m still not sure it’s for clothes. But I’m incredibly thankful that it saved my fav pants. 🀍

Because I was in such a hurry to try and remove the stains, I didn’t take pictures of them. But it was there. On my pants. Pinky promise and all that. And to be honest, I didn’t even think it’s gonna work. Usually they don’t. Well this one did!


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