Baby Frizz

Baby Frizz is not a baby anymore. WHAT?

There is a moment in every mother’s life when her youngest turns 2. And they probably all freak out.

Time flies and that’s scary af and pretty hard to accept. But in our case it’s also unfair that his first birthday we got to celebrate together is actually his second. I know it’s not my fault, yet I’ll never forgive myself I wasn’t there for him for the first 1 and a half years of his life. That I missed his first birthday. That he couldn’t sleep on my lap while he was the size of an apple and all that…

I met Frizz at the end of December 2019. Actually, I just saw some pictures of him and found out about his existence (but I already felt like I knew him) when he was looking for a foster home during the winter holidays. I remember that my first thought was: “I’m gonna take this dog home in January if no one else will take him before”. And I did.

The first few weeks were horrible. πŸ˜… Erno was working in the UK back then and I had 3 jobs I was juggling with. I also had 2 other dogs: Pesto, of course, and our sweet ex-foster, Broski. Plus the girls, plus Mascara, plus all the plants and the whole household. Lots of responsibilities for only one person. And Frizz was CRAZY. Like he was testing me. “Wanna be my mommy? Let’s see if you’re good enough to handle my wild side, and then we’ll see”. 🀭

I will never forget that even people from the organization told me that I should maybe give up on him because he might be “too much” after like the second week. I was also told that I should be careful with him and Mascara. πŸ‘€ Apparently no one really thought this is a good idea. πŸ˜‚ But I was so sure I can work things out with this little monster like never before. So I kept trying.

And here we are. 8 months later. And I only wish I could turn back time, meet and adopt Frizz as a pup. 🀭

Adding a number each year to my age feels right. But when did my girls turn 5? When did Pesto and Mascara turn 3? And why is Frizz already 2 y old? WHY? 😭

For me, birthdays are super important, so it’s just natural that the birthdays of my monsters became just as important. I’m ok with the idea of getting old, I’m ok with the idea of my pets getting old. But it still shocks me. Also skipping one of their birthday is really such a big deal for me and it makes me emotional, BUT otherwise I still consider a really good idea the adoption of adult and older pets. I will never regret this decision, but once a year it will really give me a hard time. πŸ‘€

So today we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our 2nd dog, and baby Frizz became mr Frizzante. Today we also celebrated the 5th birthday of our cats, but Chili wasn’t impressed at all. I couldn’t even convince her to stay for a picture at least. And Mango only came to eat. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Happy Birthday to all of you! We love you more and more each year!!! 🀍


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