I’ve always been in a love hate relationship with television.

My first memory about it, is my mom hiding our small sport TV in the closet. (We were using the neighbors cable, without paying for it for the company so we had to hide it when they came to check on us.) I was about 5 years old. The TV was black & white and so small, I think even my laptop’s screen is bigger. Later we got our own cable and a big color TV. We were watching Road to Avonlea, and You Rang, M’Lord? on it. It was quite fun. I still love these series. Then, as we grew old enough we watched all the Poirot and Miss Marple films. And also lots of very shitty shows, TV series, films, and animations. πŸ‘€ So much wasted time. Adults used to watch THE news. And we were allowed to watch about one hour of Cartoon Network per day, but only The Flinstones, Tom & Jerry, The Jetsons, maybe some The Powerpuff Girls episodes or Dexter’s Laboratory episodes if we were really annoyingly insisting on it. Other stuff were considered “stupid” and forbidden by mom . Oh, the sweet 90’s!.. 🀭 Anyways television seemed to be so magical for me.

Since I grew up we never watched television. We never had cable in none of our apartments. Of course we have a TV and we watch Netflix and stuff. But as an adult I never watched THE news. What kind of a grownup am I? πŸ˜…

I kept some of the TV watching traditions. Mostly visually. Our home is TV orientated. We keep a nice glass fish under it. But sometimes weeks pass by and I don’t even turn it on.

For our own sanity, this is the only television we regularly watch.

I know there is a lot going on right now. And that you might feel like you need to know all the updates and all that. To stay informed and everything. But staying sane and healthy is more important then being absolutely up to date with everything. Important news will reach you via internet anyways.

P.S. Make sure your parents and grandparents don’t watch too much television either. You also want them to stay sane and healthy during the pandemic, right?


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