Fostering breaks hearts

Fostering saves lives, they say….

Tomorrow is Poppy’s big day. She will travel to her forever family in Germany. And I feel a lot of things at the same time. This is really something unique. This feeling. The feeling of feeling everything. Before we started to foster we had no idea you can feel so many things at the same f*cking time. Crazy!

I’m heartbroken, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m worried, I’m excited, I know this is the right choice, but I’m questioning it 74561839 times a day. I’m sure, I’m unsure, I’m ready, yet I’ve never been so unprepared.

First they said it will be easier in time. The more you give away the easier goodbyes will become. But for me it’s harder and harder.

Today is the day I will try to spend as much time with her as possible. Today is the day she can do whatever she wants, she can have special treats and special everything. Today is the day I write her letter to her forever family hoping they will contact us, and that we can stay in touch for the rest of her life. I’ll leave it here for you to read it. Maybe you’ll understand more about how we feel about letting these pets go. The pets who were part of our lives and our families for so so long. And about how they feel…

Dear Forever Family!

I was living on a chain for almost 5 years. I was hungry, and bored, and cold, and hot… I was totally neglected even tough I had so much love to offer and I also needed so much attention. I wouldn’t mind the lack of food, if I only could have felt loved. For me, that is the most important thing. Even if there are lots and lots of things I really love to do. I love everyone who loves me. Cats, rabbits, children and other dogs. I love hiking, I’m pretty tough and they say I’m good at it. That makes me proud. I love cuddles, I love car rides. Car rides are the best, really! (I hope you have a car and you’ll drive me around to show me all the cool places over there!) I LOVE MY LIFE. Since I was rescued I feel like all those years were totally worth it. Whatever the price, THIS, this is so so cool. I am constantly smiling. I have a beautiful smile, they say. That makes them smile too. I love people smiling back at me. It’s impossible not to love me. Mom wasn’t happy at all when Dad took me off the chain and brought me home. And now she is trying her best to confort me and to you know… act normal. But I’m not stupid. I know she is freaking out, and that she is terribly worried and sad. She is going to miss me the most. 🀭

I am so excited about this, you have no idea! But I will miss my foster family so so much! Please contact them if that’s alright. It would mean a lot! Thanks for choosing me! Thanks for being my forever family!



Poppy, we wish you the happiest life, the best hikes and cuddles and everything you love. You are pretty annoying sometimes but totally worth it. You are special. I’ve never met someone so positive in my entire life. You were such an inspiration and we will truly miss you! Thanks for all the help with baby Riso. You were the best nanny for him and without you everything would have been so much harder with him at the beginning. We love you so so much!

Fostering saves lives but it also breakes hearts, you see. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ However, I will never ever regret any of this, no matter how hard it gets.


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