Society puts A LOT of pressure on us. I was constantly told what I should do in order to be accepted, loved, and happy.

You need to learn. You need school. Then university. You really can’t be happy without a diploma. Nor loved. Nor accepted. Diploma is the key of your happiness.

Congratulations, now that you got your diploma, now you need a job, but not any job! You need a career.

You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you’re young. Don’t waste your time. Build a career. Be successful. Success is now the key of your happiness.

Do what you love! Do what you’re good at! Do what brings you money!

You can’t work as a babysitter all your life! What kind of job is that, really? You should have your own children already!

Get married! In a relationship for 10 years and still not married? He’s not serious. Leave him! Meet someone who respects you more. Someone with serious intentions. Someone rich.

But hey! Money can’t buy happiness! You can’t work all day long! You’re married now! You need to slow down, to relax. You’ll never get pregnant if you’re stressed. Make babies, time flies, you’re not getting any younger.

You can’t raise your pets like they are your children. They are NOT! You’ll see when you’ll have your own children. That’s completely different. That will open your eyes. They are the meaning of life.

And here I am. 28 years old, working as a nanny. Mom of 5 furry kids, “finally married” and still no intention of having our own human baby. No, I’m still not pregnant, thanks for asking. Thanks for starring at my belly, for zooming in on it, when I eat a whole watermelon and I have the cutest “babybump”. But it’s just me being a foodie. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Here I am being happy probably for the first time in a very long time. Not because I achieved things I should’ve. But because I realized happiness isn’t about all those things I was told it is. It isn’t about a career, isn’t about having a family. Even family isn’t about being married to someone and making children. Family could be you and your parents, you and your dog, you and your favorite aunt, you and your best friend… it’s not necessarily you and your partner and your kids… Happiness is all about going to a late evening swim to your favorite spot, about having your one of a kind family with you, about feeling the wind in your face on the road. About eating melon for dinner afterwards and cuddling on the couch until midnight while watching a movie you both agreed to watch for once. πŸ˜…

I tought there might be someone out there who needed to hear this. Be happy!!! You have everything you need to be happy. Today, NOW & always.


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