Nerium Oleander

Nerium oleander is the first plant I ever owned. I was 7 years old when one of my classmates brought a small one to my birthday party as a present. I never had a plant before so it was a big deal. I can still remember how much I tried to keep it alive. I felt that it is a huge responsibility, such an “adult thing”. Of course I failed and killed the plant pretty soon, if you were wondering. 🤭 I still can’t figure out how exactly, because this plant is very tolerant for both drought and inundation. So… Idk. Anyways I’ve loved this plant ever since and I am planning to get 2 for our balcony next summer. 🤍

This plant grows to 2-6 m tall, it can be trimmed into a small tree (with a single trunk), but I like it more when it is grown in its natural shrub form. It looks very exotic that way. Flowers can be white, pink or red. This shade is my favorite one by far. The flowers are five-lobed and they grow in clusters. They are often sweet scented but not necessarily. It flowers all year long.

© Silvestru Popescu

This plant is toxic, if your pets are not used to plants and they are not trained to leave them alone, you should not let them unsupervised.


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