Hair care routine

Do you know what else I was neglecting for years? My hair…

I neglected it because I hated it. I hated its color, the fact that it isn’t straight. I hated everything about it, just like I hated mostly everything about myself. Then I started to straighten it and to dye it. But I still neglected it very much. No treatments, not even masks, only once in a while. Like twice a year… I was wearing it in a ponytail almost all the time… So it became dry and damaged. It’s texture was like cotton candy. πŸ˜‚ Horrible. I learned that there is no such thing as #blondehairdontcare. If you don’t care about your blonde hair, you will. πŸ˜‚ So don’t be fooled.

Β© Silvestru Popescu

I finally realized I f*cked up my hair a few months ago, after in January I dyed it again on its whole length… πŸ‘€ (I know I know… But in my defense I wanted my hair to have a perfectly uniform color for our civil ceremony, no matter the cost), even if I was warned about this being a horrible idea and my hairdresser wasn’t at all happy about it. I insisted, of course and I shouldn’t have… Anyways, I will definitely not give up my blonde, so now I will try to repair my hair while keeping its light color.

This will mean some compromises, of course, but I am ready to make some. The first one was cutting my hair.

Β© Silvestru Popescu

Now it’s short and surprisingly, I love it. It looked somehow healthier instantly, after I got rid of the split ends. And bonus, it’s also comfortable and so much easier to take care of.

I also started to put some effort into my hair instead of just complaining about it all the time. Too dark, too short, too curly, too much… blah blah blah. I am now using a mask 2 times a week, oil treatment 3 times a week, and I also changed my hair conditioner recently and OMG. This one is pure magic. Each product I use I love. But this conditioner is EVERYTHING. I mean… it’s just a conditioner, right? But I swear it’s better than any fancy treatment I recently tried. For me, it was a life saver.

Β© Silvestru Popescu
Β© Silvestru Popescu

I also love its smell, of course, I mean… It’s from Yope. πŸ˜… Have they ever made something, anything without a delicious smell? I don’t think so. I love its colors and the birdies from its packaging. Swans were also intrested in trying them. Even they want nice hair, I guess. πŸ™ˆ But who doesn’t, right?

You can order all products form Naturalness. My code “annammetz” is still available, and you can use it for 15% off on their site. All their products are cruelty free and vegan, of course. Take care of your hair before it’s too late. βœ‚οΈ

P.s I didn’t do my hair for these shots. I washed it on Saturday morning, and let it dry naturally. (Since I cut my hair, I only use a rotating hot air brush on my bangs). This is really how it looks now. Pictures were taken on Sunday morning.


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