Random thoughts and summer vibes

Things change, they say. But I’m not so sure.

I mean sure, I can see some changes here and there from time to time. But not major changes.

summer of 2019
summer of 2020

These pictures were taken one year apart. Dogs come and go, my pillow collection grew, I have a different hair color, I got married… BTW, happy anniversary, baby! It’s been already 6 months, but we both forgot. 😅 I guess this is one of those things which will never change. In almost 10 years of relationship we never ever celebrated an anniversary. However. My iPhone storage is full, and my phone was basically dead for almost a week. I couldn’t take pictures, I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t use it at all. (It looks like the problem has been finally fixed, so don’t worry, I’m back). 🤭

Today, while freeing up some space and scrolling trough my photos, I have found this one from last year and it somehow put the other one from last week in another perspective. Do you really think things change? How about us? Do we change? I really don’t think so.

Summers were always about cuddling, about the longest days and nights spent with pets and people we care about, they were about being free, about colors and tastes and feelings and everything in between. Enjoy your summer while you can. 🤍 Take an afternoon off, grab your phone, and instead of scrolling on Instagram or Facebook just open your personal gallery and start to scroll trough it. Enjoy your own story, it’s better then anyone else’s.


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