Do you love stories? Who doesn’t, right? Well I do. I love stories. I love to tell them, to listen to them, to be part of them. 🀍 Muzeon has 3 beautiful stories you should go and listen to.

Just grab your phone and earphones, and go let one of the 3 audio guides take you back in time to the 19th & 20th century, while telling you their own, personal stories about that dark period of their lives. As part of the Jewish community in Cluj, they’ve been trough a lot, and their stories are definitely worth telling.

This museum is really about the stories. The exhibit’s objects, virtual reality and interactive exhibits will only help you get in the mood. They are like beautiful illustrations in the storybooks from your childhood. 🀍 Something to look at while listening to the stories.

I chose David’s story and I was listening to it in hungarian. It was so powerful, the whole experience, that I plan to go back soon and listen to the other stories as well. You can choose form 3 stories, all of them can be told in 3 different languages, at your choice: english, romanian, & hungarian. You can check their website for more information. The place is not pet friendly, unfortunately, but it’s still a beautiful initiative and a great Sunday afternoon activity between two extra long dogwalks, weekend style. 🀍

Muzeon is an interactive museum for time travelers and story lovers. πŸ’«


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