My favorite vintage accounts – part 1

Sustainability, originality and high quality are very important aspects when we talk about clothes. At least they are for me. So 90% of the clothes that I buy are vintage.

I’ve been doing it this way for many many years, even before it became a trend. Wearing pre-owned clothes wasn’t a big deal for me, as I grew up in clothes I got from my cousin & several other children. I still remember each time I got a new bag of used clothes, because it always felt like Christmas. πŸ˜… I knew which dress I got from whom and I was terribly proud wearing them myself. On the other hand I don’t even remember when I got my very first new item. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ It wasn’t such a big deal I guess.

As an adult I always had high expectations but a very limited budget, so second hand shops and flea markets became my first option. Anyways I’m so glad that in recent years this became a thing. This way, someone else can do the hunting for me when I’m not in the mood, also I can buy vintage clothes online, so my introverted ass couldn’t ask for more. πŸ™ˆ Sometimes the hunting part is half the fun, I totally agree. But ordering treasures from the sofa covered in pets, drinking a hot tea or eating some icecream is just as satisfying, believe me.

I would like to share some of my favorite vintage shops, sites and accounts with you. I wonder why I am doing this. Obviously I don’t want you to buy the things I’d like to buy myself. But I appreciate these girls and their work so much and I want to encourage people to buy more vintage stuff so… here I am. Making a huge mistake. God, I’m so going to regret sharing these secrets with you. I really hope you will appreciate it, at least. πŸ˜…

1. The one and only Vintage Corner

My first crush. I bought this floral shirt first. I remember I was following this account for months before, but I couldn’t figure out how it worked exactly. Buying clothes from Instagram felt strange somehow. πŸ˜… It doesn’t feel like that anymore. I have half of my wardrobe from this account since then.

2. My new obsession: Vintigerie

I love how this page looks. All the colors and everything. The pictures they take, the backgrounds they use, the items they choose. I got some very basic stuff from them, like my fav pair of pink mom jeans or my animal printed vintage faux fur.

3. The coolest ever: Dopium Urban

This account, these clothes, this feed… OMG. This is not just vintage, it’s so much more than vintage. This is a moodboard, a style inspiration, and the coolest online shop ever. Items are very carefully selected, some of them upcycled. You don’t just get new pair of trousers, you also get an idea about how to style them. So so inspiring. It’s like buying clothes with instructions. 🀍

To be continued, I have a lot more to share with you on this topic. For now, go follow these accounts and buy some unique, super high quality stuff for yourself. You deserve this, and our planet deserves it too! 🌎


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