Túró [‘tu:ro:] means (mostly) white cheese like cottage cheese in hungarian.

When I was a child my mom always told me my skin is like túró. What she meant was that my skin is white and sensitive af. Which is true, and it never changed. Her skin is darker and so is my brother’s. I have my father’s skin. Our skin is so white it’s almost transparent and you can easily learn anatomy on us, as you can see trough the skin and study all the tiny veins and everything underneath.

There was a time I found it somehow disgusting and I always tried to hide my wrist and other parts where my skin seemed so transparent, and I really wished my skin to be different. Idk, at least to be able to get a tan during the summer. Was that too much to ask for? Obviously, yes. 😅 All my skin is capable of when exposed to direct sunlight is getting red. No tan, just redness. I start looking like a crab and it hurts af for days… And then I transform from a crab into a snake, I shed my burnt skin and I become white again, until the next time. Fun, huh?

The good part is that I accepted my skin, and I kinda started to like it. There is nothing wrong with being túró all your life, I guess. But it’s really really important to take care of your skin. It doesn’t matter if we want a nice tan or not, or if our skin is capable of that or not, we MUST use SPF protection. Everyday. 👀

Did you know that sunscreens not only block the UVB radiation to prevent your skin from burning, but it also blocks UVA radiation which is responsible for the premature aging of our skin? I didn’t. 🙈 I told you I’m quite an alien when it comes to skin care. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But technically, using SPF on a daily basis will not only keep you healthy and cancer-free, but it’s also the secret recipe of staying forever young.

The new sunscreen line called OZON from Cosmetic Plant is a good cruelty-free and vegan option to keep ourselves pretected and young. I usually apply the SPF 50 all over my body on sunny days. Yes, the one made for kids. I’m túró, remember? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love that it’s also waterproof, and if we end up walking the dogs by the Blue Lagoon at the end of the day I don’t have to worry about going in for a swim. Otherwise I use the SPF 30 spray on a daily basis (also rainy days), and I keep this tiny SPF 30 cream in my purse all the time. So in case I forget to apply sunscreen at home, I can do it anywhere else when I remember. I find this one so adorable, and really practical especially now, that the weather is so unpredictable and you can never know when the sun will come out on a random cloudy day.

On my face I started to use this SPF 30 face cream regularly each morning. The best part is that it’s pretty hydrating as well, so I don’t have to apply another cream for hydration before. I used it for 2 weeks now and it works pretty good on my skin so far.

Aaaaaaaand I also managed to convince Ernő to use a sunscreen for the first time in his life. He was just hopeless. Or I thought he was. Once he fell asleep on the beach, naked, with his head in the shadow, but his bottom exposed and it burned so bad. 🦀 The next day he had to drive back to Cluj which is like 8 hours of driving, plus we managed to get stuck for 2 more hours in traffic due to an accident midway. No AC, over 39 degrees and a husband who cannot sit on his butt. But he never learned his lesson anyways. Each time I offered him some sunscreen he was like “ew, it’s sticky”. Thank god for this one, he applies it when I insist. He said this one isn’t that sticky and this makes it supportable. The one he use is the SPF 20 from the same line.

I might be naive, but I still hope real summer will actually come, so while I had to make some artificial sunlight in our bedroom to be able to take the pictures I imagined for this article, I encourage you to fill up your sunscreen stock as well. 🌞


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