When I lied

Do you remember what I told you at the beginning of this week? That I need to stop for a while and I plan to do absolutely nothing this week? Well, I lied. Not because I didn’t really plan to. But because I knew it’s not possible.

Here I am, at the end of the week. And I can tell you it was a busy one. I started a new collaboration, I went shooting, I took home 2 birds, I learned everything I needed to know about them, I’m working with them everyday, I was up every night until dawn to make up for 3 years of lost time with my best friend and currently I’m on my way home from Târgu-Mures for the 3rd time in 2 weeks.

© Szász Barni

Do you know what you find on the road on your way home when you already have 8 pets at home and you just accepted to help a friend with 9 orphaned kittens? You find a dog, that’s what you find.

© Szász Barni

I failed doing nothing this week. I terribly failed.

And now I also failed doing something…

© Szász Barni

The dog we found is small. It’s so tiny, like half a chihuahua. It’s also young. And afraid… I can’t even imagine what it has been trough if it is so f*cking traumatized at its age. I’m not even sure I want to know… We stopped when we saw it, and it ran away. Immediately. It is now hiding in a fox den. We’ve been trying to get it out for like 2 hours. We tried to sit there in silence waiting. We tried to give it food. (We didn’t even have any food in the car, so we had to drive to the first gas station to buy a salami sandwich…) We tried to send in our dogs to take it out, but even Frizzante was too big for that den. I mean… too fat. 🙄. He looked like Winnie the Pooh when he got stuck in the Rabbit’s den… Pesto on the other hand, he looked like Snow White when she found the dwarfs tiny house in the forest… 🤦🏼‍♀️ Mosquitoes ate us all alive. Even me. Even if usually I’m totally ignored by mosquitoes. Like I’m not even there. Ernő thinks it’s because my heart is made of stone, and I’m cold blooded. 🤪 Well these mosquitoes tonight, they proved him wrong. They were biting me trough my clothes!!! I must be delicious. But it was HOPELESS and we had to give up. I don’t hate anything more than being helpless or giving up on something. Anyways, the place is too far from Cluj to go back daily and earn the dog’s trust slowly. We might try going back with a trap someday. But this feels so wrong. Leaving the dog behind. So terribly wrong I can’t even tell you.

I know we tried EVERYTHING, but for me that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, because it wasn’t ENOUGH…

Please consider adoption before you buy a pet. Rescued dogs are just as good as purebred dogs. Plus, they are also thankful, and unique. Totally unique. If you buy a pet anyways, please make sure they are legally bred and healthy, that you don’t encourage illegal dog breeders who often sell sick puppies for half the price… You don’t want to save money on this, it’s not worth it. Please spay or neuter your dogs, and please make sure your parents and grandparents do the same. You are responsible to inform the elder generation of your family. Please stop being indifferent. This needs to f*cking stop.

So I lied. Because it’s not just that I faild to do nothing this week, you know? I CHOSE this path years ago. And I knew very well there is no way back. That there is no day or week off… I knew whatever I plan to do an animal will always need me somewhere. I knew someone somewhere will always make a mistake and I will have to fix it, because no one else will. I’m sorry I lied. I’m sorry I also failed to help this time… But you see… Prevention is the only f*cking solution. We need to do something. All of us.


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