Pillow Mania

Among other stuff, I’m collecting pillows. Our home is full of pillows. I love pillows, the monsters love pillows, poor ErnΕ‘ doesn’t love pillows, but he is in minority. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

I have 12 pillows on our bed, 8 pillows on our sofa, 3 pillows on 3 different chairs, one pillow in the cat’s TV, 3 pillows in Mascara’s cage, 4 pillows randomly around the house, (2 of them static 2 of them always somewhere else. I love sitting on the floor, but since we have floor tiles all over our home combined with underfloor heating, during summer the floor is too cold, and during winter it might be too hot, so I use pillows to seat on them. I have 2 other pillows in the dog’s cage. (Yes, my dogs are cage trained, and yours should be too. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ I will definitely write an article about this subject pretty soon and I will link it here). And I have lots of pillowcases for all of them. I love to change them regularly. I think it gives a cool twist for our home. You change some pillow cases and it has a whole new look. The easiest way to keep your home “alive”.

So I have 30 pillows. God knows how many pillow cases, and I can’t stop. πŸ‘€ Last weekend I ordered 2 new pillow cases from H&M home. There are some cool sales going on on their website, check it out if you would like to spice things up around your home for pennies.

And yeah, before you judge, I do buy from brads like H&M once in a while. But only things which last. I have 3 pillow cases from them since 2014. Some clothes from like 10 years ago or even more. Fast fashion items are fast fashion items only if you use them as fast fashion items. In my opinion, if you choose the things you buy carefully and your intentions are to keep them in your home or wardrobe forever, not just for one season or two, it is safe to buy them. It all depends on our mentality, if you are conscious you will make conscious decisions wherever you buy your stuff from.

You can find the new pillowcases I chose here & here. Can’t wait to put them on & to use them for many many years! 🌎

Fun fact: while working on this article my neck and back hurts af. I’m sitting in the most uncomfortable position, because all the monsters are in the bed with me. And of course, all of the pillows are under one of them. This is PROOF, people!!! This is proof I’m not crazy, there is just NO such thing as enough pillows. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Ever.


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