When I Killed the “Man”

So apparently shooting is the best way to clear your mind and to calm yourself down instantly. It seems like focusing can exclude every tought out of your head, your skull becomes empty and you feel so relaxed, it’s crazy. Such a surreal feeling. Being in control, being safe, being focused, being PRESENT.

© Szász Barni

I always wanted to try this, but… BUT. Idk, there was always a “but”. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wanted to know how it feels even if I was sure I will suck at it. I mean I can’t properly throw away a ball, how could I possibly shoot? 😅

© Szász Barni

Well surprisingly it has nothing to do with your ball throwing skills, and it turned out I am a pretty good shooter. 👀 Even better then Erno, apparently. 😂

I chose a 9 mm handgun and I pretty much killed the “man”. 🤭


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