Melon and Peach

No, it’s not a new recipe post or some summer cravings. They are the new members of the #ammprivatezoo. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‰

We are fostering 2 lovebirds and they are absolutely LOVELY.

ยฉ Szรกsz Barni

Their ex-owners gave up on them because they are noisy during the day and they were disturbed by them… This kinda shit happens when you don’t inform yourself before taking home a pet… Do your f*cking research people!

After saying yes to these birdies I asked for a couple of days to get everything prepared. And I’m just a foster. After googling for like 3 minutes I already found out the birds from the pictures I got are not budgies like I was told, but something else. After 10 more minutes I found out what exactly they are, and then I spent 3 days looking for all the information I needed about how to feed them, how to tame them, how to work out things with them and the rest of my pets… I mean… ALL this information is completely free and at one click distance from you… So why would you just go and buy a pet without getting properly prepared?

For me pets, even if “just” fosters are family members, I can’t imagine giving up on them… Please try to do your homework in time and commit to your pets for life. Not just until the first inconvenience or major change in your life. It’s so unfair great pets like these two have to go trough all of this because someone somewhere made a premature decision about them.


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