The Plant I Stole and then I Murdered, but it Survived

Last year we attended a wedding and I came home with some Tradescantia zebrina cuttings I stole during the ceremony from the mayor’s office building. πŸ˜… There were 3 cuttings, and I kept them in a plastic bottle filled with wet toilet paper during the dinner and everything. Surprisingly they have all survived. I carefully propagated them and planted the tiny baby plants a few weeks later. And this is how my Tradescantia zebrina plant looked like 1 year later.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? BUT when I found out I can easily make it even more beautiful I went for it. I took my scissors, a bigger pot and some good soil and then this happened:

I killed my beloved Tradescantia zebrina. πŸ‘€ It survived and now it is even more beautiful. Courage! This is all you need to make yourself your own jungle. Get them scissors and make some new plants. ❀️


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