Real life princess

I’m a real life princess. Or am I?

I think I am. But which one? Do you have a favorite Disney princess you can entirely relate to? I can’t decide, of course. I would like to be Ariel, but I think I’m Belle, even though sometimes I feel like Cruella or Cinderella and my life is like it’s the new 101 Dalmatians movie. And then sometimes I go to grandma’s and I suddenly feel like Alice in Wonderland.

No wonder, huh? This is how her apartament looks like. I mean… in a world full of plastic, why not collect porcelain, right?

It’s Plastic Free July and I am willing to take this challenge starting Monday, until the end of the month, because real princesses are fighting for their cause, aren’t they? πŸ§πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

I will try to go completely plastic free, but don’t worry, there are many levels and you can choose the one which fits you and your lifestyle the most. You can join us here.

I plan to talk about this experience, so I will probably write a weekly report. Or maybe one long article at the end. It depends on how it’s going. If it’s a huge failure I might not want to talk about it ever again. πŸ˜… But let’s hope it will be a happy end, because this is how fairytales end . 🏰


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