The Story of the Fringilla Coelebs

So one of Pesto’s and Frizzante’s friend, Layla, caught a young Fringilla coelebs the other day. She was learning to fly, but she ended up in Layla’s mouth instead. After they leave the nest, their parents are still feeding them on the ground until they get strong enough to learn to fly and to take care of themselves. Until that, they are jumping around the grass, calling their parents to feed them.

This little female ended up in our parking lot somehow, that’s were Layla caught her, and obviously she couldn’t be released back there after she got back on her feet. She would have been in danger there. The first couple of hours were difficult and we were terribly worried. She was wet, scared and in pain after the attack and she looked awful. But she started to feel better and also kinda comfortable in my friends home. She made herself a little nest in one of the corners, on a soft blanket which was used to block her entrance under the bed. She was eating, drinking and sleeping a lot.

While my friend conforted her and took care of her, I was in charge to figure out what’s next. And I did. After a couple of phone calls and messages I found out that the person to go to with ornithological problems in Cluj is dr Manases Sándor. He helped us identify the bird, and also with advice and everything in between. We released her right after he considered it’s safe, not in the parking lot, of course but a bit further away where we found the nearest trees.

Even tough they say wild animals, birds, etc should be left where they were found, the truth is you should always make sure there is absolutely nothing you can do to help them if they are sick or hurt, before you decide to leave them be. A couple of phone calls won’t cost you anything, but it can cost them their lives.

Please be kind! ❤️ Always!

P.S I will try to convince my friend to adopt two baby parakeets, she was such a cool bird mommy. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙈

P.P.S My friend’s name is Maria and she is the awesome petsitter we turn to when we leave town.


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