Mondays like this

Spontaneity and flexibility are not exactly my thing. I usually make very strict plans and I stick to them no matter what. But sometimes I’m like “what the hell”, and then wonderful things can happen. It’s a gemini thing I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We visited my grandmother this weekend, and we were supposed to stay only one night. We took the dogs with us, of course and the cats and Mascara had the best pet sitter in the world as always, so I didn’t have to worry about them. When Ernô told me on Sunday night that he is tired and he doesn’t want to drive back to Cluj, I took it so well I surprised myself pretty much.

This is how we ended up starting the week at grandma’s , the best way a week can possibly start. We went swimming first thing in the morning and then we found the most beautiful lavender field on our way back home.

Heaven on earth for us, and for the bees. I’m sorry I can only show you how it looked and can’t make you hear the bees, smell the flowers and feel the sun kissing your skin… It was magical.

For me it’s scary too. Because I know things like this would never happen if I were desperately sticking to the plan and insisting on driving home the day before. I have to learn to let things take their natural course. For all the control freaks out there: I know it feels good being in control, but life is full of surprises you might like to let in.


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