Cosmetic Plant

Skincare. Something I neglected for soooo many years. I’m usually ashamed even thinking about it, and I can’t believe I am actually talking about all the shitty things I’ve done to my face.

For so many years I was wearing makeup all the time. Literally. Even during the night, because I was too lazy to remove it. It didn’t just happen once or twice, I USED to remove my makeup in the morning, then washe my face with some water and apply makeup again. The only “cream” I was using was my foundation. No SPF, no hydration, no base no nothing. No wonder my skin looks awful. Actually I’m amazed it still exists and it didn’t crack and fall off my face. πŸ˜‚

I’m not exactly in the position to talk about skincare, right? Well maybe I am. Maybe I can tell you about the mistakes I’ve made, so you can do better. Or maybe I can show you that it’s never too late to start a proper skincare routine. If I can, you can. Maybe I can show you that using cruelty free products can be affordable.

Some time ago I started to take better care of my skin. I’m removing my makeup (almost) every night. πŸ˜… I use stuff I didn’t even know existed and stuff I tought I’ll never use. I’m still learning and constantly looking for the right products for my skin. Something that fits my skin type and is good for me, but is not necessarily bad for the environment. I try to buy products without any packaging, or at least reuse, or recycle them. But most importantly I always choose cruelty free and vegan products. Always.

This little bottle is just perfect for propagating plants after it gets empty 🌱

I discovered Cosmetic Plant about a month ago, and I still can’t believe I’ve never heard about this brand before. Did you know all of their products are cruelty free, and most of them vegan? According to a temporary issue on the website some of their products are not marked with the vegan symbol yet, and it might be missing from the packaging as well. This might be confusing, so they made us a list with all their 🌱 products, until they manage to fix the issue. I’m so grateful for it, and I’m beyond happy being able to share it with you.

I hope you will love them just as much as I do. Today is their 29th birthday and they are celebrating by giving us 29% off on every product on their site from today until the end of the week. How cool is this? And also isn’t it the perfect opportunity to try them out? So far I tried the Tonic Lotion with Cucumber Juice, the Q10 Eye Contour Cream with Green Tea and they are my absolute favorites. I take them with me even when camping. Like “It’s fine if I can’t take a shower for 2 days, I just need my Cosmetic Plant skin care routine, and I’m good”. πŸ˜…

Recently I started to use the Dead Sea Minerals Intense Moisturizing leave-on Mask as well, and I’m in love…

You know when you see girls on Instagram wearing face masks smiling and looking good, and you’re like “wooow that must feel good, let’s try it!” then 5 minutes after putting the mask on you wish you were dead? I hated face masks all my life. They are sticky, it always gets in my hair, it hurts af while peeling it off, it leaves stains on my clothes, and I hate looking like a monster with my face green or grey, scaring the shit out of my pets. Applying a face mask was always so f*cking complicated and removing it was even worse. If you feel me, you must try this one. It’s easy to apply and most importantly you don’t need to remove it. Just PERFECT. Also, it’s transparent and it smells so good. 🀍

Tell me what’s your favorite product in the comments below, or what you would like to try! 🀍 Happy Birthday Cosmatic Plant, and happy shopping to you, girls!


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