Instagranna and Instagrandma

My brother and my husband call me instagranna, when I stop to take pictures for my Instagram account and they are getting bored. “Are you done, Instagranna? Can we go now?” I love taking pictures, I always have. And of course, I’ve been in love with Instagram even before I had an account. I will always remember the day when I bought my first smartphone from a friend and the first thing I did was to install Instagram and start taking pictures. This was in 2011 and I haven’t stopped since then.

We made an Instagram account for our grandma a few years ago so she can follow us and see all the pictures we post, even the ones we dont share on Facebook. But she couldn’t use her camera for a while so she never posted pictures on her account. Now she learned to use the camera and she is sending me the most instagrammable pictures ever. Look at the pictures she sent me this week. Outfit post, lategram, flatlay, flowers… ❤️ I must teach her how to post them on Instagram because these pictures are worth posting.

We should encourage the elder generation to use technology, they have so much potential. Plus, this way we can keep in touch with them so much easier, and especially in times like this, it’s so so cool.


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