Taking a break from the ground

Sometimes I just feel like I need a break from the ground. Does this make any sense to you? I hope it does.

I would love to fly, but it’s physically impossible, and before thinking about getting my pilote license, I should get my driving license first. You know what’s funny? I’m also trying to get that for 3 years now. I told you 3 is a magical number. 😅 Or maybe 2017 was just a big year for us, idk. Anyways, the only thing I can do for now when I feel like this, is swimming. I love swimming, but of course I love swimming with my dogs even more. This is why we try to choose places we can take them with us. We are lucky because we have quite a few lakes near Cluj. But Tarnița or Beliș are too cold for me. I will always prefer the Blue Lagoon. I love the landscape and the fact that the water is not that cold.

Pesto loves to swim close to me. So close I can feel his breath on my neck. ❤️ Frizz is just trying to find his courage, but he didn’t find it yet. I’m sure he will follow us, when he will be ready. We don’t want to force him, he deserves to be able to take his time.

I love how different they are.

Both of them blonde like their mommy, but one of them cuddly the other one always needs his space. One tall, elegant and sensitive, and one small but tough. One energic and always up to something, and one who needs his rest.

I always told Ernő that Frizz is just like him, but his introverted verson. And this weekend I was told how much Pesto is like me. It might be true, but god, he is just as extroverted as his father. 🙄 Like we found 2 little mirrors of ourselves in our dogs, and also in our cats. But that’s another story.

Have you ever observed how much pets can look like their owners? Do you think it’s because they learn to act how we do? Or because we attract the ones who are similar to us? Either way, I feel like we are just perfect for each other.


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