Camping with 3 dogs, after 3 years, for 3 nights + 3 lessons we learned

This is the 33rd post on my Baby Blog.

3 is a magical number.

We traveled with a camper van for the first time exactly 3 years ago. I liked the safety and freedom it gave us so much and it made both of us so happy we decided right after that trip that we will buy our own camper van asap. Of course we still don’t have one…

Not because we changed our minds, but because life happened. We bought an apartment instead and we spent 3 years of our lives working like crazy, and then we spent all our money on the apartment. Now that it’s mostly finished, we started dreaming and planning again. Buying an old camper van, restoring it, and traveling with all our monsters all over the world. I’m afraid it will take another 3 years, but let’s hope it won’t. 🤭 Anyways, we rented a van, packed some basic stuff and the dogs, and we finally spent the last weekend camping. And it was AWESOME.

The destination was Padiș, the weather was well… rainy, of course and this van wasn’t used for a while. So no one really knew for example that it takes in water, although it would have been cool to know and get prepared. The first night was cold. So f*cking cold I wonder how we survived. Thank god we had wine. The second night was raining a lot and we woke up with a little lake in our bed. But the third night was heaven. The first time I could sleep without socks this trip, and there is nothing I hate more then wearing socks, especially during the night. The bed was still wet, but at least the temperature was decent and I couldn’t ask for more.

Our first camping experience at the seaside, 3 years ago was totally different, but we learned our lessons, and next time we will be better equipped for the mountains.

Lesson number one: there is no such thing as too many towels, the more the better. Next time I will pack all the clean towels. Maybe even the dirty ones because they will get dirty anyways, and as long as they are dry, it doesn’t really matter. But there is nothing worse then trying to dry 3 dogs with one towel which is already so f*cking wet.

Lesson number two: there is no such thing as bad weather only inappropriate clothing. As long as we were outdoors everything was perfect. We didn’t get wet, or cold or hot, not once. We will invest in a pair of trakking boots for both of us, but besides that I was doing just fine with a pair of rubber boots and my airforce sneakers. At the end of the first day I was told: “F*ck you! Look at you, being all fancy, not properly dressed for this hike, and still, your shoes didn’t take in water, mine did. And you didn’t fall. I did.” So true, Oana! 😂 We met other people on their way back and we asked them how it was, to make an idea about what’s waiting for us. And they looked at me and said, “well… you can try it… it’s not the end of the world, but it’s not exactly a walk int the park, you know…” But hey, my shoes didn’t take in water and I didn’t fall, so thank you very much for being worried but I did it just fine.

Lesson number three: the harder you get somewhere the bigger the satisfaction is. Try it! The most beautiful places in the world are the hardest to reach.

And don’t forget to take your dogs with you. Our monsters made the whole trail (almost 20 km long) without any difficulty, I think they even enjoyed it very much.

P.S. If you forget some vegan Verdino burger in the fridge, at least you will have something to eat when you arrive home. The whole trip was cool, but the best part was taking a hot bath after 3 days, while Ernő made dinner. 🍔


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