Train trip with the boys

This is us. Me and Pesto. 3 years ago. Whaaaaat? When have 3 years passed? πŸ‘€ WTF!


Crazy! It feels like it was just last week when we took Pesto to Sighisoara to borrow a camper van, but it was actually in 2017?.. OMG! And you know what’s the funniest thing? That we didn’t know back then that Pesto will be our dog, we were still promoting him for adoption. It’s hard to believe it but that Anna 3 years ago, when that picture was taken had no f*cking clue that the foster dog who is traveling with her will become her dog a few months later. And that she will never ever want to travel without him again. This stuff scares me, you know? I’m looking at the second picture we just took a few days ago and I try to figure out what doesn’t this Anna know yet? Because this time, while going to Oradea to take another camper van we already knew both dogs belong to us forever, and that we belong together. So what’s going to change in the next 3 years? How will our 3rd picture look like?..


I guess we will find it out sooner then we expect because time flies sooo fast… Another 3 years will pass in a second. I will try not to think about it, tho. It seems pointless. I mean, lots of things we weren’t even planning back then already happened. Some things we tought will happen soon still never happened… Life seems to be full of surprises. It sounds like a cliche but it’s so damn true.

As a child, becuase we didn’t have a car for a long long time, we used to travel via train. So all my early adventures started with a train trip, no wonder I love them so much. I was even collecting train tickets. Some of them had a red, orange or blue vertical line printed on them. Some of them had no color at all. I loved those. Some of them had 2 lines, some of them one wide one. They looked all pretty different. They were unique in their own weird way. I remember how much I loved the little cross-shaped holes they made on them. Train tickets felt so real for me for some reason. They were like money. Something only adults can have. The tickets this time didn’t look so cool, tho. But they felt the same. It felt real, and I was so excited about the trip.

There are a few things you might like to know about train trips with dogs in Romania, so I made you a list:

  • Dogs need their own tickets, which you can buy at the train station the same place you buy your own.
  • Their tickets cost less, and they are not allowed to sit on the seats. They have to travel on the floor, in your laps, or in transportation cages.
  • Dogs need to have their passport or health book for the trip. Vaccines and dewormings valability will be checked.
  • Big sized or unpredictable dogs need to wear a muzzule, other dogs will only wear a collar or harness and they will be kept on a leash during the trip.
  • As they are not allowed to sit on the seats, and they are too big to keep them in our arms, I always take a little blanket for them to make them feel comfortable.
  • We also pack some treats or dental sticks or something they can chew on in case they get bored and we have to keep them occupied. A bowl and a bottle of fresh water of course. If it will be hot, you will have to keep them hydrated. Some absorbing pads, plastic bags, toilet paper and cleaning supplies to make sure if any accident happens we can leave the cabin as clean as we found it.
  • One person can travel with only one dog.

For yourself considering the pandemic you will need:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mask – wearing a mask is compulsory on the trains in Romania this period.
  • A good book to keep your hands and mind occupied.
  • Nothing to eat or drink, to make sure you will not be tempted. 🀭

I must say our trip was just perfect. Everyone was wearing their masks, and social distancing was respected completely. People were civilized and no one was bothered by our dogs. They were calm and quiet, of course, but there are people who just can’t tolerate dogs and that could be incredibly frustrating. Luckily, this time no one ruined my vibe.


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