Let it rain, but keep it safe

I heard so many people complaining about the weather lately. I heard about so many dogs lost because they got scared during the thunderstorms. Some of them still not found and maybe they never will be…

I could complain about the weather too but I try not to. People need to stay at home anyways, right?

Weather be like: “You sure about going out? Not today, my love!” aaaand it’s raining… again. 🌧 Fair enough, I think, but I still get dressed and go out to walk my dogs, because I have to. And then I wash them one after the other, because they get muddy from head to toe. Each day. Twice. Then I dry them (and myself), and I try even harder not to complain. After all, I can’t change the weather anyways, and I’d like to think that the weather is just trying to protect humanity. But who is gonna protect our dogs? Well, no one. It’s our job to keep them safe.

We ordered these pretty tags for the dogs from metalicshop.

I wanted to be sure that if they get scared during the next storm and run away, I can find them as fast as possible. Of course they are both micro-chipped, for their own safety, for our own sanity, and also because that’s the law. But as they are not purebred dogs, if they get lost they might seem stray dogs to most people, and the chances for someone to stop them and actually take them to a veterinary clinic to verify their microchip are pretty slim, if they are completely “naked”. If you have a mixed-breed dog, it’s even more important to make sure it is properly “dressed up”. I like my dogs to wear their collar, with a nametag on it all the time, just to be sure.

And because lately I also have to wash their collars quite often (not just them) we needed 2 more nametags for backup. I was freaking out pretty much each time the collars were still muddy, or clean but not yet dried and I had to walk the monsters without them. I was sure if I ever lose one of them, it will happen exactly when they are not wearing anything. When something can go wrong, it will (most probably) go wrong. I’m not being negative, I’m just a realist. 😅 Anyway I ordered two more nametags for the boys, and an extra one for Poppy which we can also use for our next foster dogs. From now on, If I have to wash the collars I can just use the backups for the next walk without worrying my ass off.

We chose the bone shaped nametags, in medium size, from their classic collection for the dogs. They are not too big and not too small. Looking good on the dogs’ necks, without needing a magnifier in order to be able to read the phone numbers printed on the back. Orders arrive very quickly, ours arrived in 2 days, as always. This is actually the 3rd time we ordered from Metalic Shop and I must say I always got what I expected (even if my expectations are pretty high).

First we bought 2 nametags for the girls, from their Swarovski collection (the birdcage for Chili and the aquarium for Mango) and one for Pesto, which we technically abused for 3 years until it broke. The other ones still look like new. But the girls only wear their nametags and collars for vet visits or other rare occasions when they leave the house. So yes, they are good quality, pretty resistant and there are also tiny options for cats or toy sized dogs, but what I like the most is that they have soooo many colors I can choose from. Rainbow is my favorite color, after all.

Then we recently bought 2 tags for the boys (after Pesto broke his first one and we decided to keep Frizz, so it was obvious that he will need one too). And now we bought the plus ones and the foster one and I might buy a few more just because I want to have all the colors. 😂 (The other tags from the pictures are for Pesto’s and Frizzante’s little friends and cousins but I would love to keep them all). 🌈

Order yours here to keep your dogs safe, stay safe, stay dry and let it rain.


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