Like a Rock

The best thing this pandemic gave us is TIME.

We always loved to travel, to spend time in nature, but we never had enough time for it. We traveled once or twice a year, when on a holiday, or on weekends sometimes (when we were not too tired after a busy week, or too busy with all the housework we postponed during working days).

This changed now, and I’m incredibly thankful for it. I’m at home almost all the time, so I can take care of the housework during the day, so when Ernő comes home we can go somewhere. We take the dogs and the car and drive away to explore new places around the city. And weekends are all about exploring because finally no tasks are postponed. 🤭

Yesterday we went to Tarnița. For the 638362nd time. Still we managed to find something new. For us, at least. A place we’ve never been before: “Piatra lui Dan” (Dan’s rock) 😅

Well, now we now why. 😂 It’s beautiful, the view and the place are totally worth it. But God, the path up there was hell on earth. And the way down was even worse.

So if you read this, and decide to go there anyways, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ladies, my first advice is to check the route before, even if your husband already did, ok? I’m laughing now, because it is actually funny, but yesterday at some point I was pretty close to getting a divorce. 😂 I don’t know if you are following the blog called haioșii, you should if you don’t already. Anyways, they have been up there a couple of weeks ago with their small children. Their boys are tough, but I’m usually pretty sure where they can go, I can go. I also remember all the pretty pictures they posted, with a nice, long but totally WALKABLE path up to the top, so this was what I was expecting when Ernő came up with the idea to visit the place. BUT Ernő knew better. First he forgot to check their post and drived directly to Tarnita. WRONG. Totally wrong. Because the nice walkable path I knew from the pictures begins from a village called Agârbiciu which is not even close to Tarnița. The dogs were hot and inpatient already in the car, so Ernő just searched on Google for another path. He was pretty sure there is another one that starts from Tarnița and unfortunately he was right. There was another path. OMG. You should see that path. It was so f*cking abrupt we couldn’t see the sky on the horizon. Also the path disappeard at some point so we just had to climb and climb higher and higher hoping that we will actually arrive where we planned to.

This was a big problem for me, as I’m a stickler for rules. If the map says we should go this way, then this way it is. My husband on the other hand is somewhat of an anarchist. Not the “let’s distroy all society and live without any form of boundaries” type, but he hates going “on the path”. I think it’s either boring for him, or he just hates my guts but he really managed to get on my nerves a few times.

Long story short, I was freaking out because he didn’t do his homework and now we’re on a freakin’ mountain side, deep in the forest, with no clear path around us, and he was just laughing and telling me that Dan’s rock has to be right above us. So we pushed forward while I was silently hating him.

But when we arrived and I saw THIS, I told Ernő: Woooow, ok, now I forgive you! And I actually did.

I mean, I know Romania is beautiful. But every time I get to see a bigger picture, it’s just breathtaking. So naturally all my negative feelings drifted away and we just sat down and took it all in. The view, the air, all that light.

Little did I know what was waiting for me on our way down. We decided not to go back the same way we came even if we left the car there. So Ernő checked the map again, and we started our walk back down on another route. Even worse. Well actually it wouldn’t have been that bad if we would’ve sticked to the path and didn’t turn left waaaay before we should’ve. But again Ernő knew better. This time I wasn’t even complaining. You know that look all women have when guys f*ck up? I had that look.

When we finally got down he said: You must admit it was shorter, though. Well ofcourse it was shorter, we practically came down in a straight line. Like a rock would.

So if you really want to go up there please check the routes, then check again. Then do yourself a favor and whatever Google recommends you, just start your nice walk from Agârbiciu not from Tarnița. Or at least get prepared for what is waiting for you and dress up properly.

P.S If you visit this area please don’t leave your trash behind. Thank you!

14th of June 2020, Tarnița, România

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