Poppy #ammfosterstories

This is Poppy. She is our current foster dog.

This means she will stay with us until she will be adopted. This also means we will live with 6 animals for the next few months and that we have 3 dogs now. Again.


I always hated having 3 dogs. It’s just not a lucky number. Usually one of them is bullied by the others, and always left out of everything. Soon, the odd one out will become needy. Then you will try to offer more attention to that one, because you will feel sorry for it. Then the others will start acting jelous and bully the third dog even more. This is how you will find yourself in the middle of a vicious circle you can’t quit which will become terribly frustrating sooner or later. And the worst part is that they start to act like a real pack. As soon as there are more then 2 dogs, you can easily loose control. They sart feeling like they make a whole army together, and they will do stupid things they would normally never do, just because they know the others are there and have their back.

Poppy, Frizz & Pesto

However, fostering is addictive, so we couldn’t stop. When we decided to keep Frizz a few months ago, we knew it’s time to take a break. For the last (almost) 2 years we’ve been fostering like crazy. There were only 2 days (!!!) when we had no other dog but Pesto, but normally we always had 1 or 2, sometimes even 3 or 4 extra dogs. I felt tired and I knew I have to recharge my batteries and make sure Frizz gets all the attention and the education a dog deserves when adopted. But then Poppy happened…

Erno found her a few weeks ago kept in miserable conditions by her owners. She was on a very short chain, without a proper shelter. She had no water and she was only fed leftovers, if she was lucky enough. Sometimes nothing was left, and then she had to wait until the next day hoping she will get some food…

This is how Poppy spent the last 4 years of her life…

The owners were poor as well. They told Erno they are happy to give her up because they had nothing to feed her anyways. We figured that they are renting that house where they live, and that Poppy was left in their care by the people who lived there before. Unfortunately this happens quite often here in Romania. Families moving to the country side until they manage to save enough money to move to the city. Then they sell or rent the house they lived in before with the pets they owned there. Most of these people think about their pets as a certain property not their family… Anyways Erno couldn’t leave her there. He called me saying he is on his way home with a dog he just rescued, and that he needs a good foster home for her. I tried my best, but couldn’t find one, so we ended up fostering her.

I can’t say I’m happy about it. But she is. She couldn’t stop smiling for the past few weeks, and that makes all the sacrifices totally worth it. Just look ar her face!


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