Cleaning with YOPE

You might think it’s cool to have your very own private jungle and zoo, and I have to admit you are right. BUT there is also a lot of work behind the pretty pictures and a nice home. If you have just one pet you must know how much you have to clean after them.

Well imagine that amount of cleaning x 6 + my standards. I’m not good at math but… that souds crazy. 🤭I have high standards and OCD and 5 + 1 pets (currently) and this combination sucks. I spend a lot of time cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. The good thing is that I enjoy it. Pretty much. Well to be fair I LOVE cleaning, and I managed to make cleaning time also quality time spent with the monsters. We have our routine. When I do the laundry the cats are always there to “help”. While I clean in the kitchen it’s Pesto’s turn. He likes to lie down in the kitchen and fall asleep just in the middle of it between my legs. I call this “next level cleaning”. It’s pretty cool because you also do your yoga exercises meanwhile, trying to clean every surface, doing every task without moving your legs and waking up the dog. Motherhood is all about multitasking, isn’t it?

So the thing is, that I need efficient cleaning products in order to be able to clean up the mess after the monsters. BUT, I also need them to be safe for house pets, to be cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Aaannd because I’m not yet rich, l also need them to be affordable. Wooow, that’s a lot to ask from some poor cleaning products, I know. Mission impossible no 873. Or is it?

Yope’s personal care and home care products are environmentally friendly, cruelty free, as natural as possible, safe to use around pets and affordable. Most of the products are vegan (some of them contain honey). Their packaging is recyclable and so sooo pretty. I mean look at these lovely animal characters. Some of them are CLEANING. I think there is nothing cuter then pets who clean, even if only in fairy tales. I wish my monsters would help me clean that way and not the way they actually “help”, tho.

You can find all the information you might need about them here. The products I bought are from here. You can just type YOPE in their search section, or you can browse their site without any filters. It’s an organic shop so most of their products are probably safe to buy, but just to be sure please do your research before, as always!

The CUCUMBER washing-up liquid is definitely my favorite one. It smells so good I want to drink it. I don’t do dishes usually, we have a dishwasher. But I do wash the monsters bowls by hand and it feels so good that I can finally wash them without being worried that the solution I use could be toxic.

The NATURAL cleaner for windows and mirrors has no specific smell, but that’s ok. At least I’m not tempted to drink all of my cleaning supplies. 😅 It’s perfect for both windows and mirrors, but it feels a little bit oily. That’s a pity because I can’t use it on our kichen furniture. The furniture we have is made out of MDF and it has a shiny finish. I couldn’t find anything better then window cleaner for this surface until now, but this one is definitely not working on it, so now I will have to.

The GREEN TEA natural floor cleaner is also super cool. Smells good, and it’s the only one so far which doesn’t leave any marks on our floor, so I really like this one as well.

I also tried one of their shower gels, two of their shampoos and one of their handcreams. Even tough my skin is really sensitive and my hair kinda damaged and needy I love their personal care products as well. They come in the same lovely packaging and with the same specific smells. I can only encourage you to try them too. This is NOT a paid ad, it’s just me sharing some pretty cool, affordable, cruelty free and environmentally friendly cleaning product options which are SAFE for you and your pets. Enjoy!


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