Chili – the dead plant

So my husband killed Chili. Not the cat, don’t worry. The actual chili. The plant.

I had to move to one of my friends’ flat for 2 weeks back in March. When Erno came home from England, he had to quarantine himself for 14 days, so I took the dogs and I moved out for my own safety. But I couldn’t take all my plants, nor the cats & Mascara. So he was in charge of them.

To be honest he tried his best, and the cats and Mascara were alive when I came home so I’m pretty thankful after all. He even called me on facetime when he had to water the plants so I could yell “stooop” when it was enough. But the problem was that for my avocado tree and my chili plant that amount of water wasn’t really enough. Anyways, I’m now working on them and I think they will survive the “drought”…


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