Our favorite pet friendly locations in Cluj

I believe that a dog’s place is right next to his owners. Not on a chain, not forgotten in the garden, not left at home, nor in pet hotels. Nope. Just right next to his owners. Because only this way can an authentic and deep connection be born.

If I’m at home, they are allowed to follow me everywhere. They have free access everywhere, and they can decide if they want to stay with us, or not. Usually, of course, they want to stay with us, and that feels so good.

This is why for me leaving my dogs outside would be so unnatural. They are staying outside while I stay outside. When I go inside, they come inside. It’s that simple. And this is why I also take my dogs with me almost everywhere I go.

Unfortunately none of us can take them to work. But we definitely take them with us everywhere else. On holidays. When we are visiting family members or friends. When we go out for dinner or a glass of wine. When we go shopping. Of course, not everyone is happy about it. Some people would say we exaggerate, some won’t let them in their homes. (we will never visit them again). But most people will get used to it. If they truly care about us, they will understand how important Pesto and Frizz are for us, and they will become important to them as well. Ernô’s grandmother for example never had dogs. At least not as pets. But now they are very welcomed at her house. She calls them her great grandchildren and she talks to them. My grandmother who never had dogs either, makes them separate beds when we spend the night at her place, because we told her that they are not quite allowed in our bed. But she said in her house no guests will ever sleep on the floor. My other grandmother keeps a dogbowl especially for them so she can greet them with fresh water every time. Ernô’s mom was terrified of dogs, and now she is buying Christmas presents for them.

My point is that taking your dogs everywhere is not impossible at all. You just have to choose your destinations and the people you spend time with. Of course you can’t choose your family. But that’s alright. They are the people who love you the most, willing to learn to respect your decisions and priorities more then anyone else.

Here are some of our favorite pet friendly locations and destinations in Cluj:

  • Papillon Cafe – it’s the most pet friendly location here in Cluj-Napoca. Somehow not just the place and the staff are very welcoming, but also their clientele. So usually you can let them free inside, and they can go and say hi to everyone. They will also have a bowl of fresh water all the time right next to the bar. They also have so many special teas. My favorite one is the black tea with Chili and Mango. 🌶🥭
  • People – the place where you don’t even have to ask for water for your dogs. They will bring them water even before they’ll give you the menu. And the food is great. Not so many vegetarian and vegan options, tho. But you will find something to eat for sure.
  • Doo it – it’s a tiny bistro where they only serve vegetarian and vegan food, and they are pet friendly as well. Just perfect!
  • Dedeman – as our home is still not completely done, (will it ever be?) and we do lots of DIY projects, we need lots of stuff from Dedeman, and we stop by quite often. Dogs are allowed inside on a leash and of course you will have to take responsibility for their actions. But everyone is really nice to them all the time. They even asked about them once when we left them at home for some reason.
  • Samsara Foodhouse – the only restaurant in Cluj where there is something special for the dogs in the menu. They have vegan dog treats and they allow dogs in the garden. Only outdoors, yes. But their garden looks so lovely you wouldn’t stay indoors anyway.
  • Artfleur Flower Boutique – you know how much I love flowers and even if I don’t buy too often, when I do this is the place I go. My mom is the most talented master florist in town, and she loves dogs just as much as I do, so they are all more then welcome in her shop.
  • Nature – Luckily, even if we don’t have lots of truly pet friendly locations here in Cluj, we have nature. We walk our dogs in the forest every single day. Sometimes I wonder if they need those walks more or I do. 🙈🙈

I am working on a post with all of the best dog walking places so stay tuned. We know some beautiful hidden places and we are constantly looking for new ones.


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