Take me back in time

I told my husband a few weeks ago, that the only things I will truly miss durring lockdown are the flea markets and traveling.

This is my parent’s garden. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

I used to spend most days of my childhood here. Making yummy dishes from dirt, picking and eating fruits, climbing trees, or just observing things. Flowers, bugs. I always seen the world trough macro lenses. I’m not that good in seeing the whole picture, I prefer to focus on one small but beautiful detail.

A few days ago I heard a broadcast from 1975 with my great grandfather. He was talking about how he spent his retirement days, after living a very active life, and he also mentioned he was writing a lot back in the days. So I remembered that he wrote his memoirs later and that it should be somewhere in the attic at my mom’s.

It was quite strange listening to that broadcast as I never met my great grandfather. He died years before I was born. I never knew him. I never heard his voice. So when I finally did, I suddenly had so many questions and was hoping to find out more in that book he wrote. Of course I never found it, but I will try again soon. My mom, you know, is not the most wellorganized person. Luckily I found a few other stuff which made it totally worth the search. Like this issue of Burda International Magazine from the #summer of #1970, which has all these uncut sewing patterns, I can’t wait to use. πŸ‘€

These plastic toys….

And some filmstrips with a projector. Old stories for children in romanian like Tinerete fara batranete, and other treasures. We will need an adapter for it tho, but I’m sure we will find one somewhere to try it. I really hope it’s still working.

As we are not able to travel lately for God knows how long, I’m really glad I still find my ways to go back in time. My favorite destination is the past anyways and luckily time traveling is safe even during this difficult period.


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