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Racism. Something I never understood. How can you judge or hate someone based on their skin color alone? How can you teach your children to do the same? And last but not least, how can you be ignorant when you see other people doing this? For me, it feels wrong even talking about racism. Because the differences I see, are NOT based on our skin color. But I feel like we must talk about it whether we like it or not. The news about George Floyd made me sad and this needs to STOP.

There are so many things we should learn from our dogs, don’t you think? And maybe this is one of those things.

This is Pesto, hugging her BFF the first time they met. Ebby was our foster dog for 6 months. She was perfect. But she was black, so it was pretty hard to find her a family. Did you know that people still think black pets will bring them bad luck? Did you know that black pets are less adoptable worldwide?

Here’s Pesto again, enjoying a ride with his other friend, Broski. Another dog we fostered for 7 months, for the same reason. She was also black and pretty much unwanted for a long long time…

This is terribly sad.

Great dogs waiting for months or even years to get adopted in shelters. Children being bullied in schools. People dying on the streets… This is so wrong!

Black lives matter, because ALL lives matter.

Congratulations to everyone who already took action and started to educate themselves, to raise awareness, to donate, to protest, and to sign all the online petitions. Thank you! 🖤 Your efforts had their results, and today’s news are already better, but we must keep fighting! Tap to learn more about how you can help.



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