Bathroom Update #ammhomeseries

Our home is still under construction. We moved here in January 2018, but we got a bathroom sink just a few weeks ago. We only had a toilet and a bathtub in it, so we washed our teeth in the kitchen for more then two years. ๐Ÿ˜…

Of course we could have bought a regular sink, install it and just start using it. And eventually change it when we found something better. But when it comes to my home I prefer not to make compromises. You know those “just until… ” compromises. Because I know you will be pretty much stuck with them for life. Since something is working and you start using it, there will be always other priorities then changing something what you can already use anyways. So yeah, I prefer waiting for years in order to get exactly what I want.

We bought this vintage sink from someone, who was renovating an old house. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, they say. And it’s pretty true. It fits perfectly, it’s matching our old bathtub, and we found the cutest rabbit shaped faucet on OLX for it. It’s just perfect, and I must say it was totally worth the wait.

The bathtub is from someone who was using it to keep random stuff in it (mostly trash) in his garage. He was really happy we wanted to buy it but still we had to empty it for ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Both the sink and the bathtub needs some renovation but they are in a really good shape otherwise. I want to change the faucet from the bathtub, and to paint the copper elements in neon colors.

The rabbit-faucet is not the only animal shaped thing in our bathroom. We also have these towel hooks I bought a few years ago form an outlet/secondhand called Remarcabil for pennies. We have lots of animal shaped stuff around our home, not just in the bathroom due to my #animania.

Currently I’m hunting for a mirror and Erno is responsible for the new faucet for the bathtub and for building a little drawer in which we are going to hide the cat’s litter boxes. But for now we are enjoying the luxury of washing our teeth without dishes in the sink.


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