Life with a rabbit #bunnybusines

So I guess talking about dogs, cats and plants is important and it is something I should focus on. If you are reading this you probably have one, you can totally relate and hopefully find some solutions here to your pet or plant related problems once in a while. But even if bunnies are still considered “exotic” pets here in Romania, I would like to talk about Mr. Mascara as well.

Firstly because he is also part of my life, I love him and I could talk about him all day long. But even though he is adorable he can be a huge pain in the ass sometimes. So I really need this topic in my life, you know… to have the opportunity to complain and stay sane. Secondly, because I hope I can share with you some tips and tricks if you already have a bunny or decide to (hopefully) adopt one anyways. Things I had to learn the hard way… things I wish I knew before getting in the Bunny Business. But most importantly because I hope I can help you realize how great pets bunnies are, and how much more they can be besides a “nice” meal on your plate if you just give them the chance. They really are friends, not food. This is what I teach my other pets every day, this is what I will teach my children one day, and this is what I would like to teach you too.

how rabbits choose their prey

So, here’s your very first #bunnybusiness lesson: Raising a pet rabbit isn’t easy. It is not. This is something you will really need to keep in mind. They will mark (as in destroy) your shoes, bags, clothes, walls, doors and furniture. All of them. It’s just a matter of time. They will literally kill all of your earphones and chargers one after another… It takes time, patience, discipline and a lot of compromises to make your life livable again, after getting a bunny. And for all their life, they will need attention, affection, special care and a lot of space. They are definitely not “starter pets” nor toys and they are not recommended for small children. You should seriously consider it before getting one. You might not be ready just yet. They are a looong term commitment. They can live over 10 years.

I hope Mascara will live for 100, tho.


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