Mrs Monstera #ammprivatejungle

Meet Mrs Monstera Deliciosa, the newest member of the #ammprivatejungle. 90% of my houseplants are rescued or propagated, and so is this one. Someone offered this old and quite sad Monstera Deliciosa for a couple of smaller plant cuttings, due to lack of space. As the lockdown is over in Romania, last week we were finally able to bring it home and give it a new shape and chance.

First we chopped off it’s top in order to fit it in the car. 😅

Then we chopped it in 7 more pieces, where the picture is marked with red, then one more chop was needed between the first and second red mark.

Finally we repotted the main plant (which is now the tiniest 🤭) and put the other 8 parts in water.

So this is how you save a Monstera Delicioasa. Here’s a picture of how it looked before.

Now all we have to do is to wait a couple of weeks and see what is going to happen. I’m so so sooo excited, and can’t wait for them #roots.


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